History of the company

The story of the Vajda Group Company began with two top wild water racers and friends who built their dream boat using their own ideas and the best materials they could find for the job. One year after the company was founded in 1991, Lukas Polert won Olympic gold in a boat that was one of the first models designed by the Vajda brothers. This was followed by other victories in races of all categories.

The Vajda Company employs 60 people. It produces 1,900+ boats each year for many canoe disciplines as well as hydro-massage bathtubs, toboggans for aqua parks and a range of special products for sport and industry. What sets us apart is the quality and originality of our products and our ability to offer our customers a professional service when they need it at very short notice. We have all the materials we need at our disposal and the necessary technical and specialist expertise. We oversee the sold product throughout its active life. The company goal is to combine high quality, performance and innovation of the products manufactured by using of the best quality materials customer care and support. High quality products and the customers satisfaction are our commitment to you.


that is the Olympic medal tally of sportsmen racing in Vajda boats since 1992. In addition, the brand is linked with victories in a range of other significant races.