OxyMagic®  system

OxyMagic® is new complete Ozone Water Treatment and disinfection System.
Crystal water without additional chemicals. Replace conventional chemical systems.
The ozone technology improves your comfort of water maintenance.

100 % no chlorine
100 % no bacteria
100% No Toxic Chemicals, No Environmental Impact

Ozone provides multiple benefits for water treatment including remove of organic compounds, certain inorganic compounds, color, odor and taste. It also acts as a micro flocculent, which aids in removal of suspended solids. In addition it is an excellent disinfecting agent capable of killing a wide spectrum of microorganisms. Ozone is 3000 times more effective in killing bacteria and viruses than chlorine, decomposing organic impurities to harmless substances unlike chlorine witch reacts guiding to carcinogenic THM (trihalomethans).

OxyMagic® water treatment system:

• quick and powerful in killing all germs, bacteria, viruses
• no skin and eyes irritations
• most secure water treatment and disinfection tool
• easy to use
• no water smell
• better water taste

OxyMagic® Ozone Water Treatment System will treat every drop of your water.