The Beauty of MicroSilk ®
• Blankets your body with billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles
• Microbubbles are 50 microns or less in size
• Gives your skin a silky feel Moisturizing and cleansing at the same time
• Microbubbles enter pores and lift away impurities
• Plumps and hydrates the skin
• Reduces lines and wrinkles

An oxygen-rich bath is good for your health
• Increases oxygen levels in the bath up to 70%
• Oxygen improves collagen production
• Energizes cells
• Stimulates immune system
• Kills bacteria
• Promotes healing

The positives of negatively charged ions
• Improves serotonin levels
• Neutralizes free radicals
• Relaxes mind and body

Continual, consistent warmth
• Microbubbles stay suspended in water
• Maintains bath temperature
• Creates an improved "sauna eect”

Clean and Green
• Reduces need for soaps and oils
• Eliminates need for heaters