VariMax® system

The VariMax™ allows you to create your own hydrotherapy options with a simple push of a button. You can enjoy water movement that is gentle, firm or anything in between by increasing or decreasing the intensity of the sensation or by selecting the wave/pulse massage option.

Experience Customized Massage with The VariMax™ Pump Introducing VariMax™, the newest innovation in spa pumps from Balboa Water Group. The VariMax™ pump will provide a full body massage that will make you feel as though you have your own personal masseuse. Enjoy lounging in your spa knowing you have the ability to customize your massage settings. Experience water moving across your body – caressing your neck and shoulders, then pulsating down your back, legs and feet. There are so many things in life that are out of your control, but your massage experience doesn’t have to be one of them. Start your day with an invigorating massage or end your day with a soothing water sensation with a VariMax™ pump. It’s your choice!.

"So quiet you’ll ask if it is running”